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Ages for Planned Giving

Your thirteenth birthday isn’t the first day you think about becoming a teen!  If your memory is even half way accurate, you’ll remember imagining being a teenager long before that.  Apply this thinking to your target audiences and give some [...]

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What Triggers Action?

Ever spend a sleepless night bombarded with loud infomercials intent on compelling you to buy some invaluable product you didn’t know you needed RIGHT NOW!  Fundraisers can learn a lot from these aggravating diatribes.  First notice how the appeal is [...]

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If You Can’t See it, Neither Can They!

How do you feel about “making an impact’?  Are you motivated to “sustain” the “continuum of care”? How about helping people “realize their potential”?  Does “sharing a commitment” excite you to participate?  I picture the first fundraising professionals sitting around [...]

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