GiftWorks Features

GiftWorks is fundraising softwares that's got a ton of great features but is easy to use and simple to get up and running!

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  • Giftworks Features: Donor & Contact Management

    Track Donations with Donor & Contact Management

    Manage and cultivate relationships with all your donors, prospects, and contacts in one easy-to-use volunteer management software solution.

    • Track all your important donor information
    • Cultivate donor relationships with meaningful development information
    • Segment your donor information for solicitation and reporting
    • Track household and company donors
    • Create custom fields to capture information that is meaningful to your organization
    • Capture contact information like multiple donor addresses, phone numbers and emails
    • Track all your interactions with unlimited history and notes
    • Use the built-in task management feature for reminders so you never miss an important task, date, or event
  • Giftworks Features: Donation & Pledge Management

    Donation & Pledge Management

    Manage fundraising campaigns from simple to complex. Analyze and understand what is working for your organization and what needs to be improved. Tracking donations has never been easier!

    • Track donations including single gifts and pledges
    • Manage all your campaigns and appeals to ensure your fundraising is effective
    • Track your donations to specific funds
    • Gift Matching
    • Keep your pledges up to date with pledge reminder letters, overdue pledge reports, and more
    • Recognize non-legal contributions with soft-credits
  • Giftworks Features: Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Create robust reports with ease that track donations in the format that helps you learn the most: graphs, lists reports with subtotals, and summaries.

    • Choose from a large selection of pre-defined reports
    • Customize report views, filters, and layout
    • Export reports to common formats
    • Easily send report results by email
    • Save customized reports for quick recall
  • Giftworks Features: SmartLists


    Gain valuable information about your fundraising that makes tracking donations easier by creating powerful lists that can be used to analyze or get work done.

    • Create memorized lists of donors, donations, and pledges
    • Build simple searches that can be saved for quickly recalling results
    • Build complex searches that help analyze donor trends, statistics, history, and more.
    • Use SmartLists to send communication, export information, and update information.
  • Giftworks Features: Mailing & Communication

    Mailing & Communication

    Solicitation letters, thank-you letters, receipts, and reminder letters are simple when you’re using the mailing tools in GiftWorks.  Whether printing or emailing, powerful communication is possible with a few clicks.

    • Create personalized letters including images, tables, links, and more
    • Send receipts and thank you letters quickly and easily
    • Send one-click e-mails or letters
    • View mailing history
    • Track success of solicitations
  • Giftworks Features: Importing & Data Entry Tools

    Importing & Data Entry Tools

    Import information into GiftWorks using our built-in import wizard.  If you have information in a spreadsheet, a text file, or another database, it can be easily imported into GiftWorks.  Use our SmartEntry tools to enter large amounts of donors and donations at the same time using a spreadsheet-like layout, making donations tracking easier!

    • Import information from spreadsheets with the help of an easy to use wizard
    • Import information from Outlook, Microsoft Excel, FileMaker, and other popular tools.
    • SmartEntry uses a spreadsheet-like layout that lets you enter large amounts of donors and donations at the same time to speed up data entry.  You can even save your progress and return at a later time.
  • Giftworks Features: Integration with QuickBooks & Constant Contact

    Integration with QuickBooks & Constant Contact

    GiftWorks integrates with QuickBooks to eliminate double entry of donor and donations tracking  information.  GiftWorks also integrates with Constant Contact to keep your mailing lists up to date, manages bounced emails, and easily lets you view emails sent to donors and prospects.

    • Synchronize your donors and donations tracking with QuickBooks
    • No more double entry of information
    • Post transactions and donor information with a few clicks
    • Integration with Constant Contact makes keeping your donor information and email contacts easy
    • Changes in GiftWorks will be synchronized with Constant Contact – contact information and mailing lists
    • Bounced emails can be managed quickly and easily
    • See email history when viewing donor information
  • Giftworks Features: GiftWorks Extras

    GiftWorks Extras

    Enhance your GiftWorks experience with GiftWorks Volunteers add-in, GiftWorks Event add-in and our GiftWorks web services, including integrated online donations tracking and more.

    • GiftWorks Volunteers is an integrated and easy to use solution for managing volunteerism, jobs, and volunteers hours.
    • GiftWorks Events is an integrated and easy to use solution for managing events, invitees, reservations, expenses, and event analysis.
    • GiftWorks Online Donations provides an integrated solution for having your own Donate Now page and for easily downloading new online donations into GiftWorks with a few clicks, making donations tracking simple.  Design your own Donate Now page – even make it look just like your own website and begin to collect donations online.
    • GiftWorks Web Collect – a simple to use service that allows you to capture form and survey data and download it directly into GiftWorks.
    • GiftWorks Data Protect – a solution that ensures that your GiftWorks database will always be safe, secure and ready to download even if the worst should happen.
  • Giftworks Features: GiftWorks Anywhere

    GiftWorks Anywhere

    A hosted version of GiftWorks that allows you to use GiftWorks regardless of what kind of device you are using or where you are located. Powered by Citrix technology, GiftWorks Anywhere provides the same features of GiftWorks and lets you track donations anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

    • Includes all the donations tracking features that GiftWorks has to offer
    • Includes GiftWorks Volunteers and GiftWorks Events
    • Compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Java Clients, Unix, and Linux

    Learn more about GiftWorks Anywhere

  • Giftworks Features: Social Connections

    Social Connections

    Stay connected with your donors through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. View all your social news right in GiftWorks.

    • View Facebook posts
    • View Tweets
    • View LinkedIn updates
    • Write on donor’s Facebook walls to engage and encourage
    • Send Twitter Direct Messages
    • Tweet donors